Clone Your Clothes Workshop


When: Saturday, October 5th & Sunday, October 6th – 10am to 4pm
Ages: 16+
Fee: $150 + materials

Instructor: Katerina

Day 1 (October 5th): Learn how to make patterns from your favorite purchased garments to sew again and again, without taking them apart! Bring a favorite garment to this class and learn how to create a reusable pattern from it, and even how to customize it with adjustments and alterations, for a unique piece every time you sew it!

Materials for Day 1: Garment, Red Dot or True Grid pattern fabric (yardage depending on garment, 2-3 yards should suffice for most items), Sewing Supplies; including pins, basting thread in contrasting color to your garment, hand needle, thimble, seam gauge, tailors chalk, ball point pen, fabric marking pen, and/or pencil. 

*** Please bring a variety of garments (2-3) so that we can help you select the best candidate for copying to a pattern within the class timeframe.  Those already comfortable with garment construction can select clothing with more pieces or intricate details.  

Day 2 (October 6th): You are half way there! Now, Sew a muslin or the final garment!

Materials for Day 2: Fashion fabric, thread, sewing machine and basic sewing supplies (including all feed necessary for zippers, buttonholes, etc) notions for the garment (zippers, snaps, hook/eyes, etc).


The action of “cloning your clothes” is actually called taking a rub off of a pattern.



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